Die Bedeutung von Rundsteckverbindern

Die Bedeutung von Rundsteckverbindern

Do you notice how you always use certain wires? To connect all your electronic devices; like your TV, your computer, your speakers or your music equipment if you are a musician? Every time we plug our stuff in, we’re glad it works and we’re just enjoying ourselves, aren’t we? If so, you’ve probably wondered where the invention of circular connectors came from. or if you don’t think about it, it’s fine; it is also a natural reaction. As you may already know, these wires or cables play an important role in this century; If it wasn’t for them, life would be more frustrating and complicated.

Why are circular connectors used immediately? Have you ever wondered how simple wire gives you an instant connection? Maybe you’ll understand a bit more if you get a deeper explanation from the description. Circular connectors are multi-pin connectors designed to provide additional power transmission, enabling them to power electrical devices. They are also referred to as power and control terminals, according to the global specification. In general, a circular connector is also defined as a circular plastic connector or a circular metal shell connector.

Circular Connectors are also made to ensure a secure connection in an area that is drawing too much power. NTRL also describes circular ports in the same way as globalspec; stating that they are connector cables with a multi-piece probe tip used for easy connection to electronic devices. Rundsteckverbinder is a German word for circular connector ; Just like other inventions, these cables are useful all over the world. In Germany, circular connectors are so necessary that you can find websites that sell them. It’s the same case for everywhere else because this equipment is very helpful.

A bit of history is always interesting and informative; to understand something a little bit better in life, it is good to know where it comes from. According to Wikipedia, circular connectors come from the US Department of Defense. In the 1930s they were used for aviation and tactical service in the Navy. These days they are used for various industries like; Aerospace, industrial marine and automotive industries. In the 1970s they were called Din Connectors; They were first used by the “German Institute for Standardization”. There are different types of DIN connectors like Din 41524, Din 41612 and Din 41652.

  • Din 41525 circular connector for audio signals
  • DIN 41612 rectangular connector for connecting plug-in cards
  • Din 41652- Used for computer data and video

All the connectors we use play an important role today. Without her for example; we couldn’t watch TV, plug in our stereo, or use the internet. Yes, we have mobile devices, but in many cases they also require a power cord to charge. They are also needed for many more technological situations; we all need our circular connectors.

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