Learn How to Create Animated Wallpapers for Your Android

Learn How to Create Animated Wallpapers for Your Android

Smartphones with Android operating systems have a series of features that allow us to customize the device to reflect our personality. While you have many animations that accompany the device from the factory, now it is also possible to create our own live wallpapers in just a few steps with the right app.

Like the idea? So we will teach you how to use the feature on your Android device.

To create the animated wallpapers, first go to the Google Play app store and download the Live wallpapers 4K and HD Backgrounds by Wave. It is an app dedicated to sharing HD wallpapers. It works like a 3D wallpaper bank, where people can search for many types of moving wallpapers.

Wait for the installation to complete and open the program. When accessing it for the first time, the app will show you some instructions. Then you can choose what you want to do: create new wallpaper or customize a designer-made wallpaper.

You can create your wallpaper and thus achieve the animation effect. The wallpapers will be displayed one after another. Finish the wallpaper with the colors and text you want. View the animated wallpaper you created on your device. If it didn’t look like you wanted, go back and modify the existing wallpaper.

Download stunning wallpapers in very high resolution for various screen configurations

If you are tired of your wallpaper, or if you are one of those who like to collect several and change them eventually, or just interested in trying something in a different style, it offers many packs of high-resolution images provided by the staff.

So this is your chance to give your smartphone or tablet a new look, new colors, no matter what your screen resolution is. You will probably find below some images that suit your tastes and screen configuration.

This time, there is no specific theme, so we have very diverse content. There are some wallpapers in color, black and white, low-key, gradients, landscapes, aerial photos.

Wave Live Wallpapers offers the live wallpapers selection based on a multitude of aspects, meaning it doesn’t matter if your splash screen setting is scrolling or static. You will find great animated backgrounds that will suit your smartphone well.

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