Google WIFI Complete Review with pros and cons

Google WIFI Complete Review with pros and cons

If you are looking for a complete review article related to Google WIFI, then it is the right platform for you. It is a dual band WIFI system that is new in the market. It allows the multinational technology corporation to get more popularity in the networking market. Google is the owner of the World’s largest search engine, which is also producing physical devices like Nexus Series and Chromebook. This time, they are amazing the market with Google WIFI dual-band system.

Pros of Google WIFI:

There are multiple pros of the Google WIFI system that a user can enjoy. Some of the brilliant ones are mentioned under for the interested users.

  • It has a modular design for longer and better network coverage.
  • The strength of WIFI signals will be great
  • Comes out with an accessible and powerful application
  • You don’t need to update it on a manual basis.
  • The single device is much cheaper than the completion
  • The setup of this system is very simple
  • Affordable for every big organization
  • Read more pros from the official site

These are the plus points of this WIFI system. Surely, these points will benefit your organization in many ways. Firstly, they will easily enhance the WIFI signals. You can read more from Test et avis du google wifi.

Cons of Google WIFI:

As the grass is not always greener, so there are some pros of Google WIFI. You won’t find them from the official site as they are negative in a sense. Therefore, give this paragraph a full review before placing your order.

  • Many advanced features are not present in this system
  • It comes in the market with 1-3 pack
  • You need a Google account to set up this system
  • Sometimes, mobile will also be required for setting up this device
  • You can’t create a backup of the data over this WIFI system
  • There are no USB ports
  • Not a fast WIFI system as compared to other competitors

These are the cons that are not good for you. If you want to buy this device, then visit the official site for this regard.

Price of Google WIFI:

If you are feeling worried about the price of Google WIFI, then it is available here. You can get the pack of Google WIFI at an exciting price of $240. It is available in the pack of three.

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