Should You Try PBN Sites?

Should You Try PBN Sites?

PBN sites are so much attractive way to pull the organic traffic from different search engines and it is also shortcut option to boost up business. Startup company or either well-settled company, all are trying to build back-links with PBN networks. However, it is still important to understand, either you are really increasing up your business with the help of PBNs or you are just losing money by investing in this shortcut method. So, Should You Try PBN Sites? Let’s go in brief to get the conclusion in form of points –

  1. PBN sites are those sites which are made to publish guest posts or sponsored posts only. They don’t have any unique information so that visitors don’t take interest in it. They don’t have even single organic traffic.
  2. It is true, they have good metrics due to purchased expired domains but, it may be possible they are blacklisted by Google and other search engines or they already have some sort of penalty or high spam score.
  3. It is possible that multiple domains are associated with same hosting provider or we can say same IP address which will be worthless rather than one site to place guest post.
  4. It is possible, such sites already accepted and published casino, gambling or other sort of spam contents. In this case, Google don’t hesitate to de-index those sites instant.
  5. In case if any site hit by any search engine, it may harm your website too. However, Google and other search engines always provide proper warning regarding the issue to de-index your site but, in 2018 and coming years, it is expected to drop down your website’s traffic rather than intimidating you the issue. Therefore, whenever your website’s traffic down, it’s better to review complete site as well as associated back-links. If you used de-indexed, penalized PBN or other low quality sites then, please Disavow those links from webmaster tools so that you can save your website to lose more traffic or get penalization and set everything back on track.
  6. Some PBN sites are developed in an static look instead of dynamic and today, it is the time of dynamic websites.
  7. PBN sites cost very less and enables you to increase your website’s traffic instantly as we said before it is good shortcut method rather than to do blogger outreach and pay high amount and time.

In conclusion, it is tough to understand a website is PBN or not. Whether it could be a unique blog which is accepting guest posts too and internal back-links are also good for SEO. Therefore, you can review it’s metrics especially DA < 30, PA < 30, TF < 15, CF < 15, Moz Rank < 3 and Spam Score. You can review whether the selected site is indexed or de-indexed by different search engines. If everything okay then, please go ahead to post original unique content with your link and if still any problem occur in future then, you may use Disavow option to ignore that back-link or you can ask that admin to remove your link. Should You Try PBN Sites? Our Perfect Answer is Yes after go in brief.

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