Four Tips The Church Needs To Consider When Planning A Fundraiser

Four Tips The Church Needs To Consider When Planning A Fundraiser

The church is a non-profit organization. It relies on tithes and freewill offering to run its day-to-day programs and operations. The financial obligation of the church is quite huge and includes meeting societal material needs such as caring for the poor and the needy. It is also involved in undertaking various social-economic developments such as expansion programs and construction of social amenities for the society. The huge financial obligations sometimes mandate the church to organize for secondary means of raising the required funds such as fundraising. Organizing for an effective fundraising requires the church to think outside the box and come up with ideas of soliciting funds from the public. Here are some of the revolutionary ways of organizing for an efficient fundraiser.

Outline Goals and Set Targets

The first thing that needs to be done involves setting clear goals of what the church needs to do with the money, and how much of such money is required to be raised during the fundraiser. To maintain objectivity and focus on achieving this goal, a special fundraiser committee needs to be organized and set up. The steering committee also helps the church in coming up with revolutionary ways of raising the money.

Take Advantage of E-Giving Platforms

As part of the initiative of diversifying the sources of funds, the church should utilize the various electronic giving platforms at its disposal. Tech companies have developed various church mobile applications which have integrated functions including managing the way donations, tithes, and offerings are offered. The nonprofit software is available free-of-charge, or even sometimes at a highly affordable discounted rate. Utilizing this software would come in handy even as research has proven that more persons today prefer carrying their money in cashless forms. Utilizing the e-giving platforms would, therefore, diversify the opportunities that well-wishers would have towards giving.

Set Diverse Groups

As part of the initiative of diversifying the platforms that well-wishers have to give towards the course of the church, it is also necessary to consider setting groups whose roles would include reaching out to members of the public at a personal level. Such groups can be formed in line with diverse composition requirements such as the youth, women, and men. Members of the groups would be required to reach out to their workmates, neighbors, and friends; thereby increasing the chances of getting more givers for the fundraiser.

Use Religious Incentives

When it comes to soliciting for money from members of the public, the church is at liberty to utilize the religious opportunity stipulated in the Bible. It is a common Christian teaching that a freewill giver will be given back in plenty. To increase the chances of people willingly giving for the church’s course, it will be important for it to use such biblical teaching as a way of elaborating to them that their sacrifice would be paid back by God. Making the religious appeal would also serve as an incentive as most people would regard their giving as an investment in the kingdom of God.

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