Software Solutions for Open Communications Within Successful Businesses

Software Solutions for Open Communications Within Successful Businesses

The strength of a business can be measured on how well it communicates within its own departments. Any business can have communication interfaces connected within their system applications. It will help to reduce costs and allow all employees to communicate within the business system.

Sharing Information

If you want your employees to know what is going on in the company, then your leadership teams need to share what they are thinking and doing on all levels. When team leaders share ideas, the executive level can easily come up with solutions to solve all sorts of problems. Igloo Software solves the communication issues by giving employees and executives an area where they can speak out and voice their ideas and opinions on priorities and get feedback from all levels.

Your business will be up-to-date on all the latest ideas for growth and success. A lot more work gets done when information is shared on all levels. If your business has poor communications if will eventually suffer great losses. Have everything at hand when you need communicate.

Designated Areas for Forums and EventsĀ 

The software has set up a special area called the Virtual Town Hall, where anyone can share information and discuss business with other members of the company. The entire company can visit the site and learn about organized events happening, make announcements or read employee feedbacks. It is also a place where a person can visit and catch up on meetings that they have missed, and still voice their opinions. It is a dedicated space where information can be stored, and preparations can be made for the following meetings.

New Hires

Get your new hires up to date quickly and completely with an onboard solution program. A positive and effective onboard process for new hires is a key factor in keeping top talent. The Onboarding Center is a great solution for managing and welcoming new employees. It helps with on-the-job-training and answers many of the frequently asked questions that new hires ask. The social networks will help them to get the answers they need fast and become productive quicker.

Features of the Software

The software has many features for helping the business to grow. The Forums will give your employees an outlet for discussions, idea sharing and for problem solving on a daily level. The Social Newsfeeds are just like the old water cooler. It is where people can share their stories and talk freely. The Blogs are for all employees. No matter what level, these Blogs share news, reports about the company and updates that are going on within the organization.

The Team Calendar will keep everyone in the know about events, deadlines and meetings that are taking place. The People Directory will give everyone a place to see who else has the same interests as yourself and allow you to get in touch with them. Team Spaces are designated for getting together with other team members who are working on the same project as yourself, clubs and other committees. From the very top to the newest employee, communication is the key factor for success of any business.

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