Best High school Movies with a Lesson

Best High school Movies with a Lesson

We all secretly love the typical high school drama. Well, these high school movies are not your typical movies, they come with a lesson that might change the way you see life. So, get ready for some high school brats to teach you the biggest lessons of life.

Mean Girls

This could be you typical high school drama movie but it teaches you a lot of lessons. From Regina’s character to Cady, all characters teach you great lessons for life in a very fun and entertaining way. From the Halloween party, to the Jingle bell rock song, to the prom you learn how cheating people and being mean with them is never a cool thing to do. We also learn that things only get simpler if you take accountability for your actions and stay humble. Apart from that we do learn how to tell the weather right?

The Girl Next Door

This is so not your typical high school movie as it teaches you about love. The movie is based on a boy who falls in love with a porn star and goes miles to get her out of that industry, to live a decent life, and get into a university he has dreamed of studying at. It teaches us how far people can go for love and friendship. It is a light and fun watch and teaches us some serious lessons about life. The movie also gives a very fun way of teaching school kids sex education.

17 Again

This movie is about a man who is about to get divorced, didn’t get the promotion he was looking forward to and is facing serious crisis in life. Well, the guy falls back in his teenage times and goes back to school to fix his life. The movie revolves around the adventures of the O’Donnell family and Mike’s best friend Ned. It is a light and fun watch and teaches us to treat life and our family preciously because we get only once to fix it. If you plan to watch this movie and are looking for good internet options, we would suggest tds internet, as tds internet speed comes for everyone whether you are a single person using it or a family, you get internet in a budget in all speeds.

Dead Poets Society

If you are feeling even a teeny bit of depressed this is not a movie to watch right now. Although the movie teaches us great life lessons, it gets very hearty and depressing to watch. You can feel the characters and their feelings at every point and if you are a poetry fan, you will love this movie. What makes it more special is Robin Williams’s acting. He uses unorthodox methods to teach his students in a very traditional and strict all-boys school and helps many boys at the school to break out of their shells and pursue their dreams. The boys revive the dead poets society where they trek to a cave and recite poetry.

The Perks Of Being a Wallflower

This movie is a light and fun watch and is about an introverted nerd boy who has always been shy to say what is in his heart. He finally starts to live his life and experience the little moments that high school brings when he becomes friends with a pair of siblings who show him what it is to live life to the fullest. The two friends give him confidence and spark up his will to be a writer and he looks forward to pursue it. However, when it is time for them to leave for college, his inner sadness is triggered and he doesn’t want them to leave, but by the end he beautifully makes peace with the fact that every second that passes is supposed to become a memory. So, cherish the present and gather those beautiful memories in your mind, or somewhere in your diary.

The Princess Diaries

This movie is not typically high school but is more of a socially awkward girl’s transformation into becoming a presentable princess. The movie teaches us to face our fears, and to get out of our comfort zones. It also teaches us to put others first and the fact that we all have a responsibility towards the world just as Mia does. When Mia has to make the decision, whole Geneva’s fate depends into her hands. She learns that with being princess comes big responsibility but that doesn’t mean we run from what we are.

All these movies are fun and interesting to watch and come with simple and some very unorthodox lessons to learn in life. So, if you are in that movie mood, play one of these movies and dive in to those high school vibes.

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