Looking for part-time jobs? Become a CX agent in less than a day and start earning

Looking for part-time jobs? Become a CX agent in less than a day and start earning

A seamless, engaging agent experience is a must-have for a strong brand in the experience business for its customers. This role is wholly fulfilled by a pre-trained remote CX agent. A remote CX agent provides customer support or telesales services. Do you also want to be a remote CX agent? Are you a seasoned CX professional, homemaker, student or freelancer? You can choose to work with VOIZ for top MNCs across India As a remote CX agent you can start earning in less than a day and kick off your part-time career.

Working from home was a challenge initially when the pandemic began, now a remote workforce is able to deliver a better customer experience from the comfort of homes. You can check marketplaces like VOIZ that offer lucrative CX job offers. You can sign up easily by providing your educational qualifications, type of CX job you desire, past work experience and languages known with its proficiency. In addition, if you have done CX work in the past, you may also provide the various CX skills that you have mastered or continue to practice as a professional.

The demand for part-time jobs has risen significantly after the pandemic. People prefer working from the comfort of their homes and choose to operate at flexible work hours. This is why marketplaces like VOIZ are reliable when it comes to getting a CX job that pays you on time for the flexible hours you choose to spend working for the companies. You can choose to work for multiple companies at a time and also for long term or short term projects that demand CX services.

As a CX agent you can choose jobs based on your skillset and can earn up to twenty thousand a month. Based on your profile, VOIZ recommends CX jobs that match your skill sets. You may also choose to manually search for the companies and work with them as a CX agent through VOIZ Once these companies select your application based on interest, you will be notified about the same- post which you can begin interacting with their team and discuss the work process and their expectations out of the CX role assigned to you.  There are set work hours and timings for your job and the payouts are based on the type of work chosen.

One major benefit of starting your journey as a remote cx agent is that you can be assured of getting paid timely for the small gigs you take up. If you are looking for a part-time job or a one-time gig, you may sign up as a CX agent on VOIZ. One great thing about VOIZ is that they provide you with multiple opportunities in case your skill sets are not matching with one company.

By merely contributing 4-8 hours of your day, you can expect to earn online irrespective of your geographical location. As a remote cx\\CX agent, you can choose to work with all types of companies. Be it e-commerce, MNC or a startup you wish to work with.

VOIZ also helps you operate and deliver your work after you secure a position. You can give multiple interviews in many companies and also undergo training to be certified for your skill with VOIZ. With the Pandemic here to stay as long as the world gets vaccinated, you can continue with your jobs working remotely from any part of the country by simply signing up as CX agent on VOIZ.

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