VOIZ- Your one-stop CX Solution in 2021

VOIZ- Your one-stop CX Solution in 2021

From the times of the first-ever business commenced to businesses that have emerged today, one thing has remained constant and that is the importance of customer experience or CX. It is a vital contributor to a firm’s success and most companies today readily outsource parts of it to customer experience agents who are looking out for similar opportunities. This helps them save up on a huge sum of money that would otherwise go into building an infrastructure for these functions and at the same time onboard the right candidates for the job.

This is where VOIZ comes into play. VOIZ is a marketplace that enables to operate of a remote contact centre through gig agents. It acts as a facilitator between companies looking to outsource parts of their functions and individuals looking for opportunities. If you are an individual who is looking for opportunities in this particular domain then VOIZ is the platform for you.

VOIZ allows agents the freedom to work from the comfort of their homes and at the time of their choice. One can simply sign up on the website and a representative from the team gets back to you shortly. The marketplace does not just help individuals find a job in customer support and telesales but also helps in their seamless transition in it with integrated training to set a career path. Payments are rolled out into the agents’ bank accounts timely too and one does not have to go through the hassle of following up continuously for the same.

Here’s a list of reasons that make VOIZ the go-to choice for CX talent-

  • VOIZ allows CX agents to work with multiple companies from different industries. Through working in different sectors, an agent can build his knowledge base of market indices. This also allows them the chance to gain varied experience and build their professional credibility and skills.
  • The platform offers remote-jobs only. This allows agents to take up work on a part-time basis or a freelance basis from the convenience of their homes.
  • Since most of the work has to be performed using new and advanced CX systems, VOIZ allows agents to increase their technical skills. Working with VOIZ means one has the chance to learn about enterprise software and collaboration tools while working from their locations.
  • VOIZ connects agents to companies that are looking for opportunities in CX. You do not need to possess fancy degrees to be a part of the VOIZ fraternity. If you have a go-getter attitude and you are willing to learn, VOIZ has a job for you.
  • The companies listed on VOIZ offers project-based jobs. This means an agent can work for different organisations by choosing different time slots and earn a good amount of money.
  • An individual can list themselves as a CX executive on the platform without having to go to outdoor locations for screening and interview. VOIZ has inbound communication channels that allow individuals to complete both their interviews and their training via their personal computers at home.

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