3 Electronics You Might Forget to Buy When Designing Your Man (or Woman) Cave

3 Electronics You Might Forget to Buy When Designing Your Man (or Woman) Cave

A ‘man cave’ is a home away from home, or rather a home within your home. It is common for a man or woman to claim a small room or partially finished basement as his or her man cave. These spaces are fully customized to satisfy a variety of the person’s hobbies. Notably, man caves can become mini-theaters with giant TVs and a full supply of snacks.

Aside from the obvious necessities like a massive TV and video games, there are a few electronics that you don’t want to forget when designing a man cave.

Fast Food

Of course, you want to have a mini-fridge in your man cave to quickly grab a cold beverage or snack, but what happens when you want to quickly make some food? If you only have a mini-fridge you will have to get up every time you want to prepare more substantial food.

A microwave is the perfect addition to a man cave; you can heat up any food you want without having to leave your personalized space. If you can fit it into your mini-fridge, then you can heat it up in your microwave. There are so many go-to snacks for watching TV shows and sports games, and most of them come frozen. All you have to do is store these snacks in your mini-fridge’s freezer, then throw them into the microwave to cook — your own fast-food facility.

Sharp Sound

Once you buy the perfect flat screen that meets all of your needs, you need to start thinking about your sound system. There is nothing worse than watching a massive TV with a subpar sound system. To maximize sound, it is recommended to install a surround sound system if you want to feel like the sound is coming from all around you.

Even more, it is recommended that you purchase large bookshelf speakers. These speakers are big and produce great sound, but they often end up looking cluttered on the floor. If you don’t like the way this looks, then you can purchase speaker stands to declutter the floor. Make sure you buy speakers that are remotely controlled so you don’t have to get up every time you want to adjust the volume.

Over-the-top Outlets

Detail is key when you are making sure that your man cave has every possible amenity. Sure, there is nothing wrong with a standard electrical outlet that allows you to use standard plugs. However, if you are looking for the most luxurious experience then there is a better option.

Most smartphones and other electronic chargers have an end that can plug into a USB port which can then be plugged into an adapter, which is then plugged into the wall. This process requires a lot of steps, and using an adapter takes up one of the two spaces in a typical outlet. Instead, opt for outlets that have two USB ports and two standard outlets. You will never have to choose what you want to charge.

If you remember these three electronics, then you will have the perfect man cave.

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