5 Reasons You Need A Dedicated Server

5 Reasons You Need A Dedicated Server

For a site to be available online, it needs to be stored on a web hosting server. This can be purchased and stored in-house, or you can buy a Dedicated Hosting service from a web hosting company. When you start looking for a web hosting server, there are many options available like Shared Hosting Server, VPS Server, Cloud Hosting Server, Dedicated Server, etc. While choosing the right one depends upon the requirements of your site, a Dedicated Server has gained popularity for the control it offers over the hosting environment.

Today, we will share five reasons why you should opt for a Dedicated Hosting server for your site.

1. They are highly reliable

When it comes to hosting your website, maximum uptime is usually a requirement regardless of the type of site being launched. A site that is regularly down can lose customers and get a bad brand image. Its SEO ranking can take a beating too. There are many hosting services that offer 99%+ uptime assurance. However, a Dedicated Server is the most reliable option since you are the sole user of the server and can schedule the downtime (for maintenance) as needed by you.

2. Dedicated Servers are completely customizable

In today’s times, creating a unique site experience is the key to getting customers to keep visiting your site. To do so, you might have to install custom applications and software. With a Dedicated Server, you have complete root access that allows you to customize the hosting environment as per your liking.

3. They are highly secure

Over the last decade, cyber-attacks have grown in number and frequency. Also, hackers have evolved and use new ways to gain unauthorized access to websites. Hence, hosting companies adopt the latest security measures to offer a secure hosting environment to websites. Dedicated Servers are uniquely positioned to offer optimum security since you are its sole user and have total control over it.

4. They offer optimum site performance

When you are on a server that is shared between users like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, etc., the bandwidth of the server is shared. Hence, the site’s performance might be impacted if the hosting provider does not adhere to a fair usage policy. With a Dedicated Server, the processing power is completely used by your site. Hence, the site’s performance is optimized. To further boost the performance of the site, many hosting companies have started offering SSD-powered Dedicated Servers to further boost the site’s performance.

5. You get a dedicated IP address

Another issue with a Shared Server is sharing of the IP address. If one user adopts unfair email practices, the server’s IP address can get blacklisted, and all other users on the server can be blocked from sending emails. While a VPS Server offers a dedicated IP address, too, a Dedicated Server has a unique IP address by default.

Summing Up

As you can see, a Dedicated Server offers a range of benefits to site owners. If your site is facing performance issues with your current hosting plan and you have been considering an upgrade, then assess its requirements, compare providers offering a Dedicated Server in India, and buy the perfect Dedicated Hosting service for your site.

The following video enumerates 5 reasons why you should upgrade to Dedicated Server Hosting:



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