Best Hosting for WordPress for High-Traffic Websites

Best Hosting for WordPress for High-Traffic Websites

It is challenging to manage WordPress websites with a lot of visitors a day. You must have a powerful website so visitors can visit your website comfortably. Boost the website’s performance by using the best hosting for wordpress

It is better to choose a hosting system with great caching, dedicated resources, scalability, and uptime. You don’t need to worry because there are still several great hosting companies that will help you.

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This hosting company has a powerful performance because the infrastructure is supported by the Google Cloud Platform. WordPress website owners can use the hosting system comfortably along with easy to use features. Let’s say, you can easily staging, backups daily data automatically, and manage the hosting dashboard.

This service is for those who have WordPress websites with over 10.000 up to 1.000.000 visitors per day. You can easily scalable your plan whether you want to upgrade or downgrade it. The Elasticsearch and Cloudflare features are effective to improve the performance of the websites.

The analytics dashboard is designed in detail so you can control the usage accurately and in real-time. Kinsta offers a variety of packages and it is great to make sure that you get what you need. The packages are Starter, Business 1, Business 3, and Enterprise 1.

The packages are different in terms of their cost and the number of visitors per day. The price is affordable along with a monthly visit limit. The provider will not shut off your website because of the exceeded limit. You just have to pay and upgrade the plan. The exceed limit cost is cheap. TripAdvisor, FreshBooks, and Ubisoft use this hosting provider and you know how big the number of visitors that visit those websites a day.


Pagely has enough experience to handle WordPress websites. It is considered as the best hosting for wordpress, especially for high-traffic sites. As the oldest hosting provider, the company focuses on quality and services.

The monthly price is expensive but you will get more than what your website’s need. Indeed, you need a powerful hosting provider to handle the visitors and Pagely is ready to help you. You are about to be supported by a hosting company powered by Amazon Web Services infrastructure. The common issue of high-traffic websites is the slow loading speed and it is not going to happen for Pagely-based WordPress websites.

The loading speed is faster because of the Premium DNS and on-demand image optimization. The provider offers several interesting packages such as VBRUST-1, VPS-1, VPS-1, Preconfigured Enterprise plan, and Custom clusters.

Although the monthly cost is expensive you can get 5% off for the annual payment. The service has been used by big and popular websites such as Booking, Visa, Garmin, Virgin Atlantic, and even Nginx.

WP Engine

Most WordPress website users use this web hosting provider. The provider offers a variety of interesting services for users such as the Genesis framework and child themes. The features are easy to use and effective enough to develop a website with huge visitors.

The host helps to backups your daily data automatically and also staging sites. The provider will also help you to analyze the problem if there is something wrong with the loading speed. The system will analyze the low loading speed with New Relic and a dedicated Page Performance tool.

This tool works to find the weak points of the site that affects the loading speed. The CDN service is also used to keep the fast loading load no matter where are the visitors coming from. You may choose one of 4 different packages which are Startup, Growth, Scale, and Custom.

This service is suitable for WordPress websites which have around 25.000 visitors to 400.000 visitors or even higher a day. The service is used by several popular websites with huge visitors such as Under Armour, Jobvite, and AMD Developer Central.

What you have to do to choose the best hosting for WordPress is determining the average visitors per day. The websites with around 20.000 to 1.000.000 visitors per day can use Kinsta because it offers a great performance, although the price is expensive.

For a cheaper option, you can choose WP Engine, especially if your websites are visited by around 25.000 to 400.000 visitors per day. One thing for sure that the best hosting for wordpress above offers all the things you need to develop high-traffic WordPress sites. As a result, you don’t need to get confused with low loading speed anymore, serve visitors comfortably, and achieve your goals when you decide to build a WordPress website.

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