Branding Packages For Your Company: What Do You Include And Why?

Branding Packages For Your Company: What Do You Include And Why?

Try to link your favorite brand to something. What comes to mind first? A logo or package branding, colors, or perhaps an elegant font for a company name? All branding elements are included with a standard branding kit.

However, most branding packages can be customized to meet your specific needs. Designers will discuss with you the best ways to use visual branding to promote your product. While there are many branding options, certain elements are more commonly used than others. To get the best out of your marketing strategy, make sure you consider them.

Branding Package Vs. Separate Branded Items

Before we get into the details of a branding package let’s first define it.

There are several common cases where companies might order bulk design services. They usually do this to:

Get on the market

Start a large-scale marketing campaign

Rebrand the existing image

Top 10 Services Included With A Branding Package. Who Needs Them?

#1 Logo Design

Logo design is closely intertwined as any logo is an integral part of visual brand identity. A complete branding package almost always includes a logo design as a primary service.

A logo design can make your company stand out from its competitors and set the foundation for future marketing success. A logo will establish a strong association with your company and your services from its inception.

#2 Color Palette

This branding package service is essential for any company that wants to develop long-term relationships and market high quality. It is important to note that color selection is an essential step in visual branding.

#3 Email Templates

Today, many business operations are conducted online. It’s nearly impossible to maintain a leading market position without email marketing.

This is especially true for eCommerce. Without branded email templates, a branding kit for every online store would not be complete.

#4 Website

Websites are not the only thing that comes with business branding packages. If you are lucky enough to find a professional design agency, you may be able to get website design as part of your branding kit.

#5 Typography

Let’s face it, typography is not the most common branding element and many companies choose not to use it. They believe that choosing the right font is simple and does not require any thought.

#6 Letterhead

A customized letterhead is essential if you are sending a lot of emails attachments or using direct mail marketing. This branding element can make your message memorable and increase response rates.

#7 Brochures

For obvious reasons, brochures are not included in all branding packages. Your design agency should be consulted if you are interested in starting a direct mail campaign or distributing printed marketing materials via other channels.

#8 Business Cards

Many corporate identity packages include business cards. They are easy to design and inexpensive to print, making them an essential part of your visual brand identity. The agency can provide a customizable template for you if you have many employees and require a similar design.

#9 Package Design

A branding package can heavily depend on a product package in certain cases. (Sounds complicated, right? Let’s define what we mean. Packaging design refers to the appearance of all products that end customers see in a shop, or online. Want an example? For Concierge Catering, The Coder created branding that included package design.

#10 Style Guides

A style guide is a complete rulebook that contains all details related to your brand. It will contain your company’s mission, vision, core values, and logo.

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