How Should a Good Web Hosting Provider Be?

How Should a Good Web Hosting Provider Be?

More and more companies have an Internet presence. Whether for a company website or an online store, everyone needs to find the right web hosting provider. It is a factor that can make a difference and, if done wrong, can become a real headache.

We know that it is not an easy decision and that it takes time to opt for one or the other. Therefore,weare going to give you some of the keys that quality hosting should have. Wewant to make it easy for you!

Four factors to consider when choosing a good web host

#1 Be suspicious of the offers

When you start in the internet world and ready to buy web hosting, many fall into companies that offer web hosting at very low prices. Cheap web hosting is usually not so fast. Unfortunately, the speed of loading is a factor very well valued by the search engine.

When you buy such an economical service, it is usually because the server is shared with so many websites. The company divides the bandwidth into tiny pieces and causes yourwebpage to be slower. Remember that good hosting requires good servers, good communications, and, above all, quality technical support that can solve any website hosting problems.

#2 Your web hosting company must offer PHP and MySQL

Currently, most of the websites are developed in WordPress, Joomla, and Prestashop. They all use PHP language and a MySQL database. It means that the hosting provider you choose must have servers capable of supporting both.

Another aspect to consider is that, it should have the latest updated versions. The same goes for the server’s operating system, which should have the newest version, whether it is Windows or Linux.


This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a web hosting provider. Ideally, it should be located in the same country where your users access your website. Here’s why:

The server location to the website users is something that can benefit or harm you in SEO Positioning. Google may penalize searches in your country if your host is in a different place. For example, if you want to perform your searches on, but your server is in Germany, the search engine rule will penalize you (your Spanish website will not be shown in Google Germany search engine).

Besides, if your website serves is located far away from your users, it makes your site slower. By having to travel more distance, yourwebsite’s loading speed can be slower and thus lower your ranking.

#4 Good technical support

As we mentioned in the first point, good quality technical support and that it can help in real-time (via telephone or chat) is essential. If your webpage suffers a downtime or you have problems when setting up your email accounts, you need someone to assist you and try to solve your problem immediately. It is no use sending an email and waiting for hours or days to get the response.

Final Thoughts

When you finally decide on your web hosting company, it is recommended to have a domain and the website hosted on the same server. The reason is, having them in different hostings will increase the number of connections. Thus, it increases the loading speed of your webpage.

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