Magnets for the semiconductor industry

Magnets for the semiconductor industry

Semiconductors are those materials which have a conducting strength between conductors and nonconductors. They can be pure elements like silicon or germanium or certain compounds like gallium arsenide or cadmium selenide. Today, semiconductors are widely employed in various needs on an industrial scale. Their usage in every part has increased to a great extent in this century. Moreover, the industrial sector demands far greater efficiency and productivity as compared to other fields because, in case of any mishap, the loss will account a lot. The basic strength of any semiconductor lies within the magnet that it is based upon. It is very important to be specific about your choice while making the selection. Otherwise, you could end up with regrets. There are so many different forms of magnets that are used in semiconductors. Among them, large custom magnets are of core importance. Let’s have a look at different types of magnets here.

Semiconducting magnets on an industrial scale

Semiconducting industries are based on the fact and properties of the built-in magnet supplies. It means highly significant to attain the desired function of semiconductors with the most appropriate type of magnets in them. Today, most of the industrial wheels are running because of the magnetic strengths here. Some of the common choices of semiconducting magnets are as under:

  • Cobalt-doped titanium dioxide (both rutile and anatase), ferromagnetic above 400 K.
  • Chromium-doped rutile, ferromagnetic above 400 K.
  • Iron-doped rutile and iron-doped anatase, ferromagnetic at room temperature.
  • Copper-doped anatase.
  • Nickel-doped anatase

These raw names bear great ductile power to run huge types of machinery. Above all, they are enough to run the semiconductor-based machinery of any type.


Semiconductors are the combination of both conducting and non-conducting properties. Therefore, they are widely used in industrial-scale because of hybrid nature. Further, with the growing age, the usage will be engineered maximally.

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