Why You Need Domain Privacy Protection

Why You Need Domain Privacy Protection

In a highly technological world, having a domain is necessary for most business and personal needs. However, the increased choice in domains also leads to increased security threats to those domains. Without domain privacy protection, your domain is open to hacking, creating a slew of problems for not just your site, but also your life. Protecting your domain means you protect your identity, your data, and your privacy.

Protecting Your Identity

Your domain is more than a name people type in a search bar to find your website. It’s more than the coding you utilize to design your site. Your domain holds valuable and identifiable information about you and your business. Everything from your name to telephone number is stored with the information for your domain site. When your domain is not protected, your personal information is likely to be found and used against you.

Unfortunately, you can’t just use fake information to protect yourself. The ICANN requires your information to be accurate and current and will do a yearly check to ensure that it is. If you are found to have created a domain under a false name, email, or other source, you could lose your domain forever. You need to properly protect your domain to keep your information safe from hackers.

Protecting Your Data

Data or web scraping is an increasingly popular choice of profession for many hackers. They’ll often go looking for unprotected domains and steal as much information from them as they can, including the contact information of anyone who logged in or signed up on your website. The hackers will then sell this data to a third party who can do any number of malicious things with this information. An unprotected domain holds data for more than just you and your company, and it can put your customers or clients at risk as well.

Protecting Your Privacy

Some hackers will take your information to steal your identity. Others will take it to riddle your phone and email with scams. Your phone number and email are listed with your domain’s information and can become easily accessible to someone who takes the time to look for it. When they find it, they’ll often sell your information to as many companies as they can, earning them money and giving you a hard time. Once your contact information is leaked, the spam emails and phone calls will come flooding in and are increasingly difficult to stop.

Nearly every business has a website, and most people have personal sites as well. This means that there are more sites every day for hackers to try and take advantage of. If you want to protect the privacy of your data, your customers, and your business, you need domain privacy protection. Without it, you’re exposing yourself to unnecessary risks such as identity theft and data scraping. Only by protecting your domain can you protect yourself and others.

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